Monday, August 4, 2008

Mindful Psyche is Born!

Today, Mindful Psyche arises from the ground of all being. This blog has the sole intention of documenting the cultivation of the perfection of wisdom on and off the cushion.

What we call life is a steady stream of perceptions and reactive responses created by a mind, clouded from the imperfections and complexities of its own information collection and dissemination processes, and its constant reliance upon belief in a individual self to create an identity. Mindfulness provides the means, in any moment, to clear a clouded mind, and compassion is the vehicle to fully embody insights that arise from mindful inquiry.

Together, mindfulness (sati) and compassion (karuna) lead to clear comprehension (samprajana) of the self as independently non-existent and empty of form. Instead, the mind opens to Prajnaparamita, the ever-present, pure wakefulness and source of all perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and sensations that mind normally identifies as "self". This perfection of wisdom is the realization of the human mind as a conduit for ever-present awareness of Prajnaparamita, the ground of being.

Interestingly, Prajnaparamita is personified as female. She is the Mother of all Buddhas. Psyche, the Greek personification of soul/mind is also envisioned as female. Psychology, the scientific study of the human mind and its functions has largely been dominated by men. Buddhist teachings have also largely been realized and disseminated by men.

As a female psychotherapeutic professional, a teacher of meditation and a visual aritst, I view this blog as a vehicle to bring a female voice to the forefront of the discussion on how to
practically, conceptually, and creatively cultivate enlightened states of mind as a desired outcome for psychotherapy.

I invite you all to join me in this process, collaboratively co-creating clarity of mind, openness of heart, and pure presence.

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