Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to enliven non-dual awareness in the therapy room

This is a continuation of the previous blog entry.

In the therapy room it is best to hold the intention to not force a micro perspective (non-dual awareness) upon the client. Instead using a range of interventions that I will list, the therapist allows the client to experience a widened menu of perspectives that can be perceived at any given moment with a spaciousness that lessens reactivity and increases skillful choice of response.

The interventions are a mix of formal and informal practices to help clients cultivate mindful awareness, receptivity/flexibility of mind and body to experience, and compassionate holding of difficult emotions/thoughts internally and externally. These practices are delivered in a titrated way simultaneous to any psychodynamic and/or trauma work that needs to be done during therapy sessions.

The insights about the existence of the micro world and its relationship to the macro world, as well as the loosening of attachment to the belief in "me and mine" arise naturally as a result of the practices.

This is the work I teach when I offer mindfulness interventions trainings for therapists and when I present at conferences.


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