Monday, March 14, 2011

Remembering Alan Marlatt

Alan Marlatt, PhD passed away this morning from complications of cancer. He will be missed among the addiction research and treatment community worldwide. Known as the father of relapse prevention therapy, Alan did more than anyone in the field to advance the use of CBT for addiction, harm reduction, and in the later part of his career, mindfulness meditation to treat substance use disorders.

He was a gracious and wonderful teacher to many of us in the field. Alan had a wonderful way of nurturing talent. It was under his guidance that Drs. Sarah Bowen and Neharika Chawla birthed the Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention program.

Alan showed me great kindness as he mentored me to become a teacher of MBRP. We also shared our love of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation practice. I will never forget him and all he gave to me personally and professionally.


Imani P said...

Alan was supportive and encouraging and gave me the courage to write. He also saw to it that one of my writings was published. Dr. Marlatt offered me many education opportunities that I failed to advance upon. A precious and honest man who had no hidden motives for his suggestions of participation.

Lisa Dale Miller, MFT said...

Thank you for sharing Imani.