Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Enlightenment Relevant For Western Practitioners?

I was privileged to teach at the Marin Sangha November 4 & 11, 2012. The sangha offered their collective wisdom as we engaged in two evenings of teachings and lively dialogue on the topic of enlightenment and its relevance for Western practitioners. Below are links to download edited recordings of these two talks either on my web site or on iTunes. The first talk took place five days after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey, so the first 10 minutes of that talk focuses on that tragedy. The second evening was a deepening into the Buddha's teaching of Dependent Origination.

Lisa’s web site download
The Relevance of Enlightenment Parts 1 and 2

iTunes Podcast download
The Relevance of Enlightenment Part 1

The Relevance of Enlightenment Part 2

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