Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Profound Teaching on Embodied Concentration Meditation

If one thinks concentration meditation is all about dropping the body, think again.  I have provided a link to a performance that is a true display of embodied, focused attention in action, done with a level of skill and grace, which makes it a profound dharma teaching. Even watching this performance by Miyoko Shida ends up being a concentration meditation for the viewer. Make sure to watch to the very end. You will be rewarded with a lesson in the true meaning of wise intention and impermanence.

Toward the end, Miyoko's eyes are moist. I assumed it was an expression of  the intense emotion that comes from true embodiment with the things-in-the-world. Recognizing what Heidegger called, "Dasien" and what the Buddhists call Buddhanature; our innate capacity to be in right relationship with everything around us. Feeling into what is balance, what is the true nature all of phenomena shows us how to co-nurture beauty and truth in a world so lost in its suffering.

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